A Guide to Choosing Men’s Lacrosse Helmet

Lacrosse and especially for men is a full contact game. It is very physical, and this is what attract some players to the sport. Having said that it is a physical and competitive game, you should ensure that you are wearing the right protective gear. Among the must-have gears is the helmet. The metal sticks used to hit the ball are hard and shot a ball up to 100MPH.

With such a game, you must have your head well protected hence the need for the best lacrosse helmets. There are different designs and options to choose from, but we have some factors to consider.


Lacrosse helmets are designed majorly for safety. They have several components which ensure that the players are safe as discussed below. Read on.

  • Uniform lacrosse helmetShell- this is the outer part of the helmet. It is made from materials which protect the players from impact but still lightweight for smooth movement. Many of the shells have holes in them for purposes of keeping the player cool.
  • Lining- the lining of the shell is made from foam materials which absorb impact.
  • Chinstrap- this is located inside the helmet and used to ensure a perfect fit. The straps can be replaced to ensure that they fit specific players.
  • Chin bar- the chin bar is the lower side of the helmet aimed to protect the lower face and jaw.
  • Face mask- the mask is designed to protect the face from misguided balls and sticks. They are as well made from lightweight material so that they do not affect the player’s vision.

Right Fit

Perfectly fitting lacrosse helmetIt is essential for players to have properly fitted helmets. Most lacrosse helmet designs are available in youth and adult sizes and free size. However, some designs are available in different circumference sizes bearing in mind that different people have different head sizes and shapes.

The best lacrosse helmet is that which fit snug on your head. The padding foam should be comfortable and firm. Note that the helmet must be tight, but it should not cause discomfort. Move your head back and forth to test its fit and comfortability. A good fit should be comfortable allowing you to see the outside clearly through the face mask.


Always inspect your helmet before wearing it. In case you realize anything unusual from cracks, dents, bent face mask or scratches, consider replacing it. Players are encouraged to check their helmets before each season and replace nuts, screws and bent faceguards.…

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Benefits of a personal trainer

There are numerous benefits of working out with a personal trainer. Irrespective of your age and level of working out experience, you will notice a lot of positive change and better realization of workout goals and plans. A personal trainer will give you a workout plan which will help you achieve your goals faster. Read on to get the benefits of working out with a personal trainer.


personal trainerWith a personal trainer, you will feel answerable to someone. You will not miss workouts anytime you feel like. A personal trainer pushes you to your limits, and there is no way you are going to miss class anyhow. The fact that you have paid them makes you want to attend all your classes so that your money does not go to waste.


A personal trainer acts as a source of motivation to their class. In many cases, they have a better body shape compared to the rest of you. You will work out as much as you can to see yourself like them. Human beings want motivation; they will do something with the push to achieve something. A training partner will give you the push you want to achieve the desired body shape.

Variety of exercise

A training partner works with a workout plan. The plan contains different exercises for each day. A workout is supposed to tire and push your body. You are supposed to sweat and challenge your body each workout session. If you stick to one exercise for a long time, your body will reach a plateau, meaning you will not be losing anything. They will give you multiple exercises which will help you lose weight the right way. Weight loss should be constituent of losing fat and gaining muscles. A trainer will help you achieve such perfection.

Helps you make exercise a lifetime exercise

personal trainerA personal trainer instills a habit of exercise in you. By the time you are done with them, you will have made exercising an everyday thing. He or she will help you overcome challenges that hinder you from exercising. Healthy weight loss should be permanent and long-lasting. Be sure to achieve that if you choose a good personal trainer.

Reduced chances of injury

A personal trainer will give you the right technique to carry out your exercises reducing the chances of injury. Some exercises are complex and if not done the right way could result in injuries.…

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